We give investors access to invest in commercial real estate investments through our fully automated platform from as little as £1,000. We have a passion for property and technology, TRE is the perfect way to merge the two together.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary management team is comprised of experts from a variety of backgrounds, including real estate, technology, property law, property marketing and UK commercial property investment.

James Nichols

James Nichols

Founder/Investment Director

James is a Chartered Surveyor with over 15 years real estate experience. His specialist area is commercial real estate investment and has acted for a wide range of institutional investors, property companies and high net worth individuals on the acquisition and disposal of investments.

James is responsible for the sourcing, acquisition and strategic asset management of investments for TRE and oversees TRE’s operations on a day to day basis as well as being an FCA Authorised Person for the company.

Alex Moodie

Alex Moodie

Operations Director

Alex during his 10 years within a blue chip company developed a strong background in business management. Furthermore he brings over 12 years direct experience in setting up and running media & technology businesses in the Property Sector.

Alex's responsibilities at Transcendent Real Estate include the successful installation, measuring and on-going improvement of the business processes & customer experiences. Alex also manages TRE's back office operations and is a FCA approved person.

Simon Vaughan

Simon Vaughan

Marketing Director

Simon has over 15 years experience in Digital Marketing, specialising in Inbound Marketing.

Simon's responsibilities at Transcendent Real Estate include customer journey management, and digital strategy.

Piers Vaughan

Piers Vaughan

Technical Director

Piers has over 20 years experienece in digital development and software design, specialising in bespoke financial development

Piers' responsibilities at Transcendent Real Estate include technical strategy, and digital development.

Martina Rowbotham

Martina Rowbotham

Office Manager

Martina brings over 10 years of commercial property marketing experience. Martina has been a Director of a digital based advertising agency in the property sector and her function within the team at TRE is to develop customer focused materials to support the investment communication process through the TRE platform.

Martina also brings long-term relationships with high profile developers and property owners.

Our Partners


Nabarro LLP - International Law Firm

Nabarro LLP is a leading international law firm with offices in London, Brussels, Dubai, Manchester, Sheffield and Singapore.

John Finnemore - Partner
Sam Robinson - Partner
Dave Lawson - Senior Associate

GDP Funding

GDP Funding - Property Finance Consultants

GDP Funding have a combined 40 years experience providing finance and consultancy to the commercial property industry.

Paul Wilcox - Director
Gareth Rees - Director

The Transcendent Story

James Nichols

James Nichols explains how Transcendent Real Estate was launched:

TRE was an idea developed as a result of seeing excellent deals that I personally would like to invest in myself but not having sufficient capital resources to do so.

Commercial real estate investment has previously been an arena only generally open to investors with significant equity at their disposal. I have always sought to acquire properties for clients with the rationale of it being a transaction I would do if I had the resources myself. This has been a great way of ensuring clients have the strongest investments possible.

With the growth of crowdfunding in the UK on the rise and having seen the success of commercial real estate crowdfunding in the United States this presented the perfect timing and opportunity to create a platform that could facilitate multiple investors in one asset.

This type of investment isn't a new way of doing business. Syndicated investment in property investments has been happening for decades but was always a closed shop to outsiders and was never open to the public to invest.

Now with the creation of TRE this now allows anyone with available funds to invest from £1,000 upwards the opportunity to acquire shares in a real estate investment.