How it works

Invest in a specific asset from £1,000.

Each asset has a specified business plan and associated holding period which is detailed in that property's investment page.

Once the property is fully funded you will receive a quarterly dividend* to your online account.

This will continue until the end of the hold period at which time the property will be sold and providing the business plan has been executed as originally planned (see Key Risks) then your initial investment will be returned along with any profit from the sale of the property.

How We Operate

Our platform offers an opportunity for investors to receive consistent annual returns* which are transparent from the outset.

It is not possible for more than four people to be listed on a UK land registry deed, as such each property listed on TRE is owned by a special purpose vehicle ("SPV"), which is a UK Limited Company, that you can then in turn buy shares in.

There is a different SPV for each and every property; therefore you will always know that you are investing in a specific property chosen by you.

Your shares are held under a nominee arrangement, with the nominee being the legal shareholder of the relevant SPV. The nominee holds those shares on your behalf and you will be entitled to all the economic benefits as the ultimate beneficial owner. The nominee is a UK Limited Company wholly owned by TRE.

As with buying property directly, purchase costs such as stamp duty, solicitor's fees and survey costs are incurred. These costs are funded by the amounts raised from investors and shown on the platform before you make an investment.

*subject to the tenant being in occupation still and paying rent under the terms of their lease.

How We Operate

What does TRE offer?

Accessible Investments

TRE gives you the opportunity to invest as little as £1,000 in commercial real estate investments that were previously only available to institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Build Your Portfolio

Our investors can choose the specific assets and projects they want to invest in instead of relying on blind pools or discretionary investment vehicles. Build your own portfolio of ownership across a number of assets and acquire the real estate investments that you want.

Consistent Returns

Earn what we believe are strong and consistent expected returns. As the majority of assets that we acquire are secured against tenants with strong covenants and long leases this in turn minimises the risk and generates securer returns.

Please see Key Risks for more information relating to the risks of investing.

What We Offer

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Further Information

Your capital is at risk and the value of your investment may go down as well as up. Investments made on this platform are generally illiquid and there is no guarantee that you will be able to exit your investment early. Projections are not a reliable indicator of actual future performance. Eventual returns and dividends may be lower than predicted. Investments made on this platform should only be made as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Please see Key Risks for more information.

This website is a financial promotion made by Transcendent Real Estate Limited (09437093) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (more information is available at The investment opportunities on this site do not amount to offers to the public. Investments in the opportunities listed can only be made by members of the Transcendent Real Estate website once they have satisfied certain investment criteria.

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